Film Credits

Written by Frances Poet
Directed by Jemima Levick
Filmed by Solus Productions
Produced by Citizens Theatre and Stellar Quines

Maureen Carr - Beanie
Ali Craig - Pete
Suzanne Magowan - Lucy
Jonathan Watson - Jack

Set & Costume Designer - Jen McGinley
Lighting Designer - Emma Jones
Sound Designer - Patricia Panther
Assistant Director (original production) – Louise Shephard

Director of Photography - Phil Gurney

Camera Ops:
Steven Donnelly
Susan Barrett
Neil MacLean
Kevin Walls

Camera Assistants:
Rasmus Rani
Fergus Cruickshank
Daniel Strasser

Sound Recordist - Douglas Kerr
Sound Assistant - Eve Kerr
Make-Up - Michelle Colletta
Script Supervisor: - Erin McCardie
Editor - Richard Poet
Online Editor - Chas Chalmers
Dubbing Mixer - Matt Ramsay
Producer - Jim Webster

Rebecca Doggett – General Manager
Artistic Director and CEO - Jemima Levick
Rhea Lewis – Projects Producer
Barbie Lyon – General Manager (Maternity Cover)
Sarah Marie Mooney – Marketing Officer
Erin McGee – Company Administrator
Rosie Priest – Creative Learning Associate

Rebecca Addison - Senior Trust & Foundations Manager
Linda Allan - Trust and Foundations Manager
Esther Batterham - Marketing Officer
Fin Bain - Learning Tutor
Catherine Bird - Payroll Officer
Dave Black - Front of House
Ashleigh Blair - Scenic Artist
Marissa Bonnar - Front of House
Alex Brady - Box Office Supervisor / IT
Suzanne Brady - Box Office / Learning Tutor
Louise Brown - Creative Learning Officer
Andrea Cano Molina - Learning Tutor
Lisa Corr Sullivan - Learning Tutor
Natalia Cortes - Company Stage Manager
Elaine G Coyle - Head of Wardrobe
Stephen Cunningham - Technician
Kirstie Cusick - Head of Development
Lesley Davidson - General Manager
Denise Differ - Box Office Manager
Louise Dingwall - Press and Marketing Officer
Miriam Sarah Doren - Learning Tutor
Mick Duke - Nightschool Associate
Archie Fisher - Front of House
Barry Forde – Deputy Stage Manager
Neil Francis - Learning Tutor
Pauline Goldsmith - Front of House
Elly Goodman - Community Drama Artist
Daniel Hamilton - Learning Tutor
Jeanne Hamilton - Learning Tutor
Dominic Hill - Artistic Director
Neil Hobbs - Deputy Head of Lighting & Sound
Olivia Hughes - Box Office
Caroline James - Learning Tutor
Miles Jarvis - Front of House
Euan Jenkins - Front of House/Stage Door Administrator
Stuart Jenkins - Head of Lighting & Sound
Simon Jones - Stage Door Administrator
Amber Keating - Digital Officer
Jenny Knotts - Box Office
Jamie Leary - Box Office
Karen Lee-Barron - Wardrobe Assistant / Dresser
Shannon Lynch - Learning Projects Assistant
Niall Macdonald - Front of House
Alison MacKinnon - Head of Marketing & Communications
Carly McCaig - Community Drama Worker
Niamh McCarron - Learning Tutor
Morna McGeoch - Learning Tutor
Alex McGowan - Executive Director
Rachel McGurk - Front of House
Lawrie McInally - Stage Door Administrator
Claire McNeil - Finance Manager
Catriona McNicoll - Learning Tutor
Jon Meggat –Technician
Jim Morrison - Front of House
Jacqueline Muir - Production Administrator
Jack Mullen - Box Office
Denis Murphy - Head of Workshop
Emily Murphy - Box Office
Alfie Packham - Front of House
Neil Packham - Community Drama Director
Donald Pirie - Learning Tutor
Frances Poet - Literary Associate
Molly Ross - Development Assistant
Mags Smillie - Head of Finance
Angela Smith - Learning Projects Manager
Laura Smith - Deputy Head of Production
Cole Stewart - Learning Tutor
Graham Sutherland - Head of Production
Nicholas Taylor - Front of House
Linsey Todd - Learning Tutor
Martin Travers - Producer (Citizens Learning)
Colin White - Learning Tutor
Catherine Wyllie - Front of House
David Young - Driver/Dayman